Welcome to Beantown!

“The journey is the reward.” It’s a cliché saying, but one that I am constantly reminding myself of over the past year. In the past 12 months, I have uprooted myself – and my life – to move to Boston from Washington, DC. I’ve made a complete career change – and landed myself in graduate school at Boston College studying social work after being in the working world for 5 years. This in itself put me on a totally new path, but one that I feel so honored to be apart of (serious shout out to all my GSSWers, and social workers!). Additionally, this move has meant I’ve had to learn a few new things.

  • As as a Southern Belle, I’ve had to learn to embrace New England – more correctly, I’ve had to learn to love snow! But am having so much fun exploring!
  • It also meant separating myself from my family – and learning to fly the proverbial coop. Good thing my grandma’s cooking is in my genes and that I have wonderful roommates who don’t mind a free meal once in a while.
  • I left behind the love of my life, Joe, but have full faith that distance won’t break us, but make us. Which meant learning that flying is not so scary – but that has taken a lot of exposure therapy (18 flights to be exact).
  • Most of all, this past year has taught me that our lives are a wonderful path, and that new doors – and aisles – appear all the time. It’s just a matter of which ones you choose.
After all the wonderful memories this year, I find myself with my first summer break in … well a long time. I’ve started this blog as a way to document my journey, and all my aisles in life, before they have passed me by. I’m so focused on the endpoint and planning each day out to the second, that I could easily miss all the wonderful things that happen along the way. So here is my first step – and my first blog post. Hope you’ll follow along!