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I remember watching Mystic Pizza as a kid. Who doesn’t love Julia Roberts?! Her laugh is contagious. However, I had no idea that Mystic Pizza was actually a restaurant in Mystic, CT. Yes, I know – laugh. Thanks to one of my best friends Bonnie (BEES), I was able to visit it in person! I’ve loved exploring New England. However, graduate school – and a very snowy winter – has kept me from enjoying all the area has to offer. It’s amazing what you can find within a 2 hour drive from Boston!

Checking out Mystic, CT!

Stopping for some pizza!

Mystic Seaport. Open for tours and a flashback to by-gone days.


Drawbridge that cuts through town.

Loved the historic architecture!

A big thanks to Bonnie for being such a great tour guide! This is the New England I have been waiting to see!

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