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Pulled Pork Crock Pot) Recipe – Food.com – 131018.

I loooooove BBQ! No, not “cookouts.” I’m talkin’ lip smacking, sweet tangy pulled pork BBQ! Mix that with cole slaw and a bun – you’ve got one tasty dinner. But for as long as I can remember – people have battled over who has the best. The best sauce, the best cooking conditions, and how to fix the fixin’s! It seemed like such a challenge to try to recreate a meal I missed from Virginia in my tiny, ill-equipped kitchen in Boston. 

Until I found this!

Drooling via Food.com

One crock pot and Sweet Baby Rays sauce later! You’ve got some of the best pulled pork – and totally just like home! I made this for a bunch of friends back in June and have since made it twice! It’s super easy with a simple ingredient list.

However, I do recommend a FEW changes:

  • First, the recipe recommends cooking the meat for 12 HOURS on LOW – I’m sorry! Who has that kinda time!? Even if it is in a crock pot that you can set and forget! I cooked it for 5 HOURS on HIGH and it was FINE.
  • Second, I did leave a bit of the juice in the bottom before adding the Sweet Baby Rays Original Sauce. I didn’t want to dry out the pork during the second cooking.
  • Third, I recommend the shoulder to the butt…just sayin’.

This is what mine looked like:

Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Good! My kitchen smelled so sweet for days! I would highly recommend making this dinner any night this summer.

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