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Felix Doolittle Gallery.

The first impression for any gathering is usually set by the invitation – whether in person, via printed note card, formal invite, or email. Each one tells your guests a thing or two about the event.

For weddings – or even my own personal stationery sets – I prefer something that tells the other person about not only the event, but the person/people behind it. The invitation is just as personal as the thank you cards you SHOULD write after the wedding gifts have all been opened (I won’t hold you to the next day rule, but I’m a big stickler for a hand-written thank you. Thanks Mom!).

So I ADORE Felix Doolittle’s stationery. His designs – whether individually made or ordered from his website – all show such impeccable artistic talent. From the flower petals to the sea glass, each one looks handmade with care. My parents have a wall in my childhood home filled with photos and yes – wedding invitations. Each one is unique to the couple that selected them – some even painted by hand! Felix’s designs would really stand the test of time and make such a wonderful memento of the occasion.

I must admit I have a friend who works for him – AND AM SO JEALOUS! However, she knows my weakness for all things printed on pretty paper and showed me his work. For that my little stationery obsessed heart says, “Thanks Alice!”

Check out his unique details and artistic hand:

And take a peek at the inside scoop via Oh So Beautiful Paper about artist Felix Fu.

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