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I must admit, I am very lucky!

I have a lot to be thankful for and live a life that is full of blessings (comfortable, not fancy). The biggest blessing right now is – TIME. For the first time in – a long time – I have had a whole MONTH off from school/work. Time for ME – oh how I am savoring every bit too! I realize that this may be the last free summer of my life. How often did I find myself saying, “Oh if only I had the time to get that done,” this school year. Apparently a lot! I have a whole list of things TO DO (Surprise, surprise! I made a list haha).

It includes things like:

  • start a blog (CHECK!)
  • read 3 books (FOR FUN!)
  • clean closet/donate (ummm getting there)
  • Buy plane tickets (life of a long-distance relationship)
  • Buy MBTA pass (and the resulting, pick up MBTA pass)
  • Buy books
  • Stop buying random stationery items…. (oh well, maybe once I have a job)
  • GO TO GYM (legit written just like that – all caps)
  • Cook – with a variety of recipes listed
  • Visit – Mystic, Cape Cod, Maine (check two off that list)
  • See Emily (CHECK! Visit back to see my Family Friday post for Part II)
  • Pin ’til your little heart is content (HELLO PINTEREST – Follow my pins!)
  • FINANCES (ugh. A blessing of being an adult – thank GOD for spreadsheets!)

I also realize that many of you may read this while hunched over computers in a cube or office shared by 4 people… and for that, I’m so sorry. I had a job like that – with a wonderful office mate. I digress… I hope that all this free time is put to good use – and that you’d be glad that I didn’t waste it (I’ll do my best). Use this blog as a way to procrastinate. Put aside that spreadsheet for a few minutes.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Celebrated July 4th on the Charles River with my cousin Tom and his wife Marianne. BEST. FIREWORKS. EVER!

Happily welcomed my Godson, Damani, into the world! He and his sister, Amaya, are two lucky kids to have one of my best friends Tran as their Mother and Norman as their Father!

Immediately lavished gifts upon him via The Striped Whale (SO CUTE! Thanks Amy Jo!). He’ll grown into it fast!

And cooked …. a lot!

Gazpacho via Real Simple.

Apricot glazed pork chops via Real Simple.

Dumpling and shiitake soup via Real Simple. Notice a trend.

Our kitchen is small but mighty!

Came to grips with my obsession – this is only half of my stash. Much of which is now being donated. 😦

Caught up with my cousins, Tom and James. Why did I get the short genes in the family!?

Went back to our old stomping grounds in Alexandria, VA with Joe.

Saw some of my best friends – many photos of which I can’t post. Thanks Erika and Stacey!

Lost an epic breaststroke race to Joe (I’ll admit it!). Note to self, don’t go up against a former Navy guy who enjoyed daily swims in Coronado, CA. Womp, womp.

Celebrated my Mother’s 30th Birthday in Richmond, Va.

Had a pool day with The Kim-Senior Family.

Made some new friends at the local bar. Emily, who’s your date!?

While catching up with one of my best friends, and fellow New Englander, Bonnie!

And to be honest, I have loved every minute so far! I feel so relaxed that I’m actually a bit worried that in 3 weeks when reality hits me like a DSM-IV TR to the head (hehe), the knots in my back will instantly return and that dazed expression will once again camp out on my face. This next, and final, school year will be a busy one. Social work is not a walk in the park (duh!) and neither is graduate school. I’m excited to see what is in store, but know that life will inevitably become harder to balance – and my apartments little kitchen will miss me. Let the stones fall where they may. I am but one woman – and haven’t figured out how to clone myself. But for now, there are no worries. Next up…. cupcakes! Why not!? I’ve got time.

Best wishes,