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In case you haven’t noticed, I LOVE weddings! Well, really, I LOVE parties!

I must admit that I procrastinate by surfing a special list of wedding themed blogs and websites. And I am now addicted to Pinterest and posting fun finds from sites on my Walker Down the Aisle board. For a moment in time, I can immerse myself in all the frilly details and get lost in the love stories. To me, weddings are all the best wishes for the future and the brightest parts of our families’ pasts wrapped up in one day!

But all that sap can get a bit, well, redundant. ALL the weddings featured are GORGEOUS! ALL the cakes look delicious! ALL the details are unique!

So last week I was THRILLED to find a new blog for my list. It is not new to the wedding world, but new to me. It was like a breath of fresh air. It’s a hilarious blend of wedding tidbits and a reality check. Let me introduce The Knotty Bride.

I have died laughing reading entries such as:

Memorable – erm – not for good reasons – engagement moments. An all too real reminder that some proposals don’t always go as planned. And that patience is a virtue!

Balloons! via The Knotty Bride.

Or whether kids at weddings are good ideas.

Bless her little heart! via The Knotty Bride.

When Mom isn’t realllllly excited about your engagement.

And all those photos could turn any woman into a body conscious ball of anxiety!

HOWEVER, what I REALLY love about reading her posts are the little personal side comments (and there are many!). Like the one about her discovery of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Thanks TLC! Never let me down!) and minute-by-minute reaction to the Bachelorette. Plus her Bambino McPuppyPants photos just make me smile – he is just so cute!

Ultimately, her blog reminds me that among the seriousness of the day – it IS only the beginning of a lifetime together. The moment is but a moment. And while wonderful, reality can be glossed over with a healthy dose of satin, diamonds, lace, and roses. Life is messy and funny and fabulous! Not all things will be perfect on a wedding day – but then again, you marry someone to help you weather all the imperfect parts of life. You’ve picked THAT person to be YOUR person through sickness and health, for richer or poorer, on good hair day or bad. And I find a lot of comfort in that 🙂 So bring on the screaming flower girl and the meddling mother. I will love it all because it means I’ve found my penguin!

Thanks for providing this social work student with a reason to laugh and smile! And a healthy reminder.