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After living in Virginia for most of my life, hurricanes are no longer anxiety producing events. After your first one, you’ve got your emergency plan down and canned food kit in place. So when Irene began banging on Boston’s door step, the biggest dilemma I faced was how to stay entertained while stuck inside for a good 24-36 hours (No, I am not so “relaxed” that I’ll go drive around or walk about in a hurricane. That’s just giving mother nature the finger and never a good idea.).

So after poking around, I realized that one of the items on my Pinterest To Do list were these charming cupcakes:

Beach party peeps! Via Celebrate-it.com!

I had purchased all the items a week or two ago to have on hand for such a day – a rainy day. They looked so cute – and SO easy to make. Here’s what I used:

  • 1 box carrot cake mix (yes, you can get gluten-free cake mix!)
  • Can of cream cheese frosting
  • Brown sugar
  • Blue sprinkles (I’m not all that great with icing.. I end up wearing it or getting it under my nails. It’s messy.)
  • 1 bag colored gum balls
  • 1 bag peppermints
  • 1 bag tropical drink umbrellas
I had so much fun making them, but when it came to decorating, I decided to pay homage to Miss Irene. I went a little heavy on the water. Added the gum balls and peppermints as tossed “buoys” and did a doozy on the umbrellas. I made special Hurricane Cupcakes!

Hang on to your beach umbrellas kids!

My roommates LOVED them – and ate most – while watching The Proposal. Sunday’s agenda is to watch Father of the Bride…. have I mentioned that I love weddings and so do my roommates hehe. All in all, I’m pretty glad this is how our hurricane party took shape, rather than panicked at the thought of blowing away or massive floods. We are on the second floor and have enough good company to weather anything Irene throws at us. Plus a healthy dose of good humor.