It’s a phrase that is not very inspiring. Why must good things end? Then again, all things do – whether good or bad. It’s Sept. 2 which means my summer of fun is …. over. I have loved relishing in the free time this past month. I have tried to make good use of my summer vacation knowing that it would end – and that the chance to enjoy an undisturbed, peaceful, wonderfully serendipitous summer would likely never happen again.

But then again, does everything have to end??

My new mantra via Lovely Little Details. Cute! And printable!

NO! While the planner in me knows what is coming down the pipeline (papers, lots of papers), I have done things in the past month that I don’t want to give up. Number one being – this blog. I set out this past month to do – a lot – many of which were new and challenging to me. The adventure of it all was wonderful. I accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Giving up that same attitude would surely not bode well for my fall. So why not keep calm and summer on!

What I did this past summer (no, this is not an essay for my 1st grade class haha):

  • Visited friends and family – with no worries or deadlines looming. I was “present” for my loved ones and spent that time really enjoying their company! What a refreshing thought!
  • Went mad with new recipe ideas and cooked up a storm.
  • Read – for FUN! It will be so hard to read for school even though I find the topics interesting. Just won’t live up to the excitement of Steig Larsson’s tales. Granted the topics might be similar.
  • Learned to blog! Anything tech related used to freak me out! I’d fall into the category of people afraid of crashing the internet (yes, this is dumb). I am so glad I got over my fears!
  • Finished projects started looooong ago. Things that should have been done, but weren’t priorities. By doing so I learned an efficient way of dealing with this c*&%. And am looking forward to less frustrations in the future.
  • Organized. Which is the result of the bullet-point above. Mother of invention is a new process for organizing my life, desk space, closet, and bookshelf.
  • Donated stuff. I cleaned – literally – top to bottom our kitchen, closet, and my room. I took 4 huge bags and one box of stuff to Goodwill! And consigned another 3 bags of winter clothes I just didn’t really wear anymore.
  • Exercised. TONS! I wasn’t going for pounds lost, but muscle gained! My calves and arms look awesome! AND, I treated myself to a size 4 dress – WHAT!? I have never fit into anything that small before. I was shocked and had to check twice.
  • Got sleep! Lots of it!
  • Learned to breath and enjoy things like sunny days in the park.
What I will do this Fall (thanks to summer-ing on!):
  • Blogging. While I have loved writing this blog, I realize that my priorities in the fall will mean a shift in my free time. I promise to keep up with Wedding Wednesdays (as much as possible) and sharing new recipes when I can, but entries will be shorter. I do believe that writing will be a good stress reliever for me, but I don’t want it to become another stress.
  • Baking. I’ve got the cooking down pat. Now on to baking. And probably once a month – so I can keep those awesome arms and calves.
  • Exercise. A must! It’s a key part of keeping calm.
  • Use time efficiently. Always a work in progress. However, I love spending time with family and friends. Prioritizing my work and learning to be more efficient with my time will allow me to do things like – visit Joe, visit Amaya and Damani, host Boston girl’s weekend, and put the social in social work.
  • Study. This is a given. It’s my final year. I have to make it count.
While this is my main priority, I have realized this summer that variety in life is what makes it so wonderful. So I will try my hardest to make time to summer on this fall! First stop, a night out with my cousins (the three amigos) in Cambridge! Cheers!
Best wishes,