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Blush and bashful – al a Steel Magnolias – is not the most inspiring color combo to me – but it sure did dress that church up real nice!

After picking the day and the place and calling all your friends and families – and gushing over your new ring! It’s time to get down to work! But where to start? What if he hates “blush” and you can’t stand his suggestion to go with blue and orange (Hello UVA fans! And any other sports teams who share this color combo!). Colors – or rather, what sets the tone for the day – should not be a difficult decision. In fact, inspiration can be found in the oddest of places!

As I’ve said before, the day is all about you two. Think about what you both like to do, go, eat (yes, you read right), wear, and treasure. Imagine if one of those things were the inspiration for your color choices. Pick something that you both like and then try to find some photos to help inspire you – whether they are ones you took or online. Maybe it’s the print of a dress/tie in your closets, or the ambiance of your favorite restaurant you visit on special occasions, or possibly that food you all crave – like cherries or pistachios. It doesn’t have to make sense – only to the two of you!

Next, take the photos and see what pops out – certain colors, patterns, associations you make in your mind. Start formulating a plan!


Ahoy matey: Let’s say he loves sailing – or wishes his boat shoes had a boat to walk on. And you grew up each summer at the beach. While the literal translation to this thought is nautical, you don’t have to be so exact. Take the colors and run with them – not the whole boat.

Inspiration: Color blocking, clean lines, geometric patterns, blue, teal, yellow, white, with hints of roses or green. Can you incorporate nautical knots or maps into your decor? Use lanterns on your tables with minimal flowers.

But what if after this – you wonder, “But won’t those colors clash? What SHADE (yes guys, there are shades of colors – purple is not always just purple!) should we pick? I want it to be different! Everyone does ….” Then look no further than some of the resources below:

Design Seeds

Great resource for finding UNIQUE color combos. Even they made SUSHI and a favorite FELINE a color inspiration! If you’ve got an off the wall inspiration – this is the site for you! Their color combos are fantastic – and made from the most mundane to creative of images.

Photo Card Boutique

Now this is how you do a sports team RIGHT! Yes, it’s ok if Da Bears or Cavs are your favorite teams – just think outside the box. Photo Card Boutique has tons of design, layout, and print tips. Plus, their color combos are mostly inspired by all things weddings – flowers, food, and design!

The Perfect Palette

Want an inspiration board along with your perfectly paired color scheme? Look no further than The Perfect Palette. That July 4th wedding combo could look really primary if not for the wonderful shades of blue! Click on the Palette Library tab for inspirations galore!

Magnolia Rouge

The creme de la creme – Magnolia Rouge! I could literally spend hours pouring over their inspiration boards – several of which have inspired their invitation sets over at Ruby & Willow! The inspiration boards feature deluxe and divine decadence! Does this board not scream Fall! I think I can actually smell the wood-fire now.

Colors evoke such great emotions. They help set the tone for your wedding, highlight your personalities, and with proper inspirations – help keep your wedding unique to you! It can be fun picking out your colors – but with so many to choose from – it can be hard to stay focused. Just as the rest of wedding planning, set your priorities and never lose sight of the main purpose. The day is just one that starts your journey together. Why not celebrate inspired by sushi!

Best wishes,