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I love the Fall! It is my favorite season! All good things happen in the Fall.

Weddings get their prime spotlight in the Spring. But Fall is fabulously under-rated! The crisp air, cricket serenade, and changing of  the leaves just makes me long for home – and hot apple cider (I know there are some Starbucks fans out there who are so excited when it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte time!). This combination of elements during the Fall makes weddings down right comforting! It’s a time to return to your roots (think back to school, but for families and friends) and wrap yourself in all things homemade (like apple pies and crumb cake).

Comfort at a wedding lies in the details. In fact, the spark that makes weddings unforgettable lay in carefully planned and prepared details. And no, they don’t have to be big, overstated details – it’s the little things that matter. All good things come is small packages. These delightful food details that are sure to warm up any Fall night and make wedding guests feel comfortable. I saw them and just had to share!

Warmer hands via Every Last Detail.

Who wouldn’t love some hot chocolate and donut holes as a treat at the end of  the night! Your feet are sore, you have laughed until your face hurt, and as you head out into the cool night – this is perfect for the ride home.

Pie-sicles via Every Last Detail.

Cake pops, meet your new brother! Pie pops! So adorable and just screaming for a crisp Fall night.

A JMU fave via Cup of Jo.

Love the idea of comfort food! And what better time of the year than Fall! Mini grilled cheese and tomato shooters remind me of JMU – and chilly nights in the mountains! Pile ’em on – these shooters won’t leave guests feeling bad in the morning.

Loving the little details that make Fall weddings good ’til the last drop!

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