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This past weekend I got to spend some quality time with one of my best friends Bonnie in CT. Next weekend, I’m off to Chicago with Joe. Today I’ve realized how intense this year will be at the hospital in outpatient oncology. And tomorrow, I have to make sure to get reading notes to my study buddy (Or she will email me and tease me in class….thanks! You keep me on point!). All are commitments in my life that I have made a priority.

However, I’m also committed to writing this blog. But that also means that this Wedding Wednesday entry will be short. Sorry. Relationships are about commitment, understanding, and … forgiveness.

In marriages, these ring so true. This week we read an article for class about relationships in the setting of chronic illness (Don’t worry. I won’t bore you with the details. I realize that I and the handful of Health Concentration peeps at school will find it interesting). BUT it raised a valid reminder of what the marriage vows mean – “for better or worse, in sickness and in health, ’til death do us part.” Heavy.

Linked via Fabuluster at Etsy.

I really love weddings for one reason. Commitment. It is a part of human nature to want to connect with others – to not be alone in the craziness of life. The vows taken in marriage are sacred and the ultimate show of commitment. They say to the world, “I pick you.” No matter what life throws at us, I pick you. We ALL want to be blessed enough to know what that kind of love feels like. To be allowed to show our commitment to another human being. What a profoundly moving gesture of humankind! It just makes me all happy, and full of warm fuzzies!

Soul mate via For Weddings Sake on Etsy.

The second reason I love weddings. Details. The details tell the tale of the couple’s commitment to one another. Not only the vows, but the whole ceremony – and even the act of planning the day is filled with small gestures that can reaffirm the commitment necessary for a marriage. By now you can tell I’m a true romantic, because I think it is part of human nature to be so.

Fist pump via a wedding website with a word my Mom would not approve of but that can also mean AWESOME. Trust me. Click here.

However, we so often get caught up in the details of a wedding, that we miss the whole point of the marriage. And we forget that commitment to love and support each other reaches far beyond the bonds of marriage. It is only human after all.

Best wishes