Logged yet another flight this past weekend! It was off to the Windy City for our anniversary trip! I had only visited there once (while attending a conference) several years ago, and was glad to have Joe as my guide. This trip, rather than putting my planner hat on, I let Joe take the reins and plan the trip. He did an amazing job and made it a weekend I won’t likely forget. He might look all rough and tough, but is as much a romantic as me.

We stayed at the W Hotel Lakefront. It was über swanky with a reception area that turns into a nightclub/bar at sundown. I flew in late, late friday night. Walking into a “nightclub/reception area” with your bags after a two-hour flight and time change was …. a bit odd, but definitely set the tone for a fun weekend!

On Saturday we walked to the Magnificent Mile to each breakfast. Then headed north towards the John Hancock Tower. Now, I hate to fly. And heights are not my thing. We stayed on the 32nd floor of our hotel and I thought that was a bit vertigo inducing. However, another reason I love Joe is that he makes me more adventurous (my friends will tell you that was not always the case). So we bought our tickets and stepped into the elevators. 40 seconds later we were on the 94th floor! And WOW! Those views were amazing! You could see into Indiana – and they said on a clear day – Michigan, but we couldn’t make it out across the blue, blue Lake Michigan.

That night Joe had planned a special anniversary treat on the dinner cruise the Odyssey. I was so excited! It’s rare that we get to go on a date together, and even rarer to get dressed up and treat ourselves to a really, really fun dinner experience. I was so touched that he thought of that and even told them it was our anniversary (resulting in rose petals and a special dessert!). Thankfully we had a clear evening and could enjoy the amazing Chicago skyline all lit up! Plus, we got to enjoy a fireworks show off the end of the Navy Pier while sipping our cocktails! Now THAT is how you cap off a top night!




To round out a very short, but wonderful weekend, we spent Sunday walking around Millennium Park and checking out some of the great architecture around the city (yes, we both love history and think old, finely crafted buildings are beautiful haha).

Of course Joe kindly put up with me taking a million and one pictures that weekend, but my favorite is the one of us in The Cloud. I was sad it was a rainy day, but so thrilled to snag this shot while on our trip. It’s one that made my little photog heart skip a beat – and one that will help me remember that I love Joe today more than I did two years ago when he swept me off my feet.


Here’s to many more! Pictures and years together.

Best wishes,