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So after a busy week – wedding Wednesday is BACK! I’m excited, aren’t you!?

I had an interesting question posted to me by a classmate and friend. She attended a wedding this weekend and was wondering if wearing her LBD (little black dress) was faux pas to a wedding.

High contrast via Style Me Pretty.

A: Times are a changin’! In the past the LBD at a wedding might have elicited shock or sideways glances. However, I tend to think that most women wearing black at a wedding are doing so because: a) black is flattering and b) the LBD is their go-to-feels-so-comfortable-gives-me-a-confidence-boost dress. I have one in my closet and I’m sure most women do. Now, there are a few times that an LBD at a wedding might not work:

  1. If it’s a morning or lunch wedding. Evening weddings (even with a ceremony in the afternoon) are a bit more formal feeling and with the dim lights – the LBD shines!
  2. If you are the future mother-in-law. Really?! Really?! Black. Where is the veil – of mourning. This is a joyous day for your son or daughter. Unless told to wear black, try a neutral. Your complexion and your future self looking at those photos afterwards will thank me.
  3. If you are a former girlfriend. Same as above. Bigger question – what are you doing on the invite list?

Granted, what I find even more controversial is the idea of wearing WHITE to a wedding. Now unless you are Pippa (with your derrière) or Kim Kardashian (with a black and white only dress code),  don’t upstage the bride – in white. It’s her day more than it is yours – even if you’ve been eyeing that groomsman over there and fantasizing about how you’ll catch the bouquet as he catches the garter….I digress. Let her wear white. And be glad you can wear black and NOT have to worry about red wine stains or spilt marinara sauce (especially if both are served simultaneously).

Let me know your thoughts! Or post a question! What would you like to see on Wedding Wednesdays!?

Best wishes,