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One reason I love fall is….HOLIDAYS! I (like Nordstrom) like to space out my festivities. First up?! Halloween!

Graphic via dreamer.

So I realize I’ve been slacking on Wedding Wednesdays – cut a girl some slack peeps! Midterms are due! Glad to get the positive feedback though. But I’m really all about entertaining – though weddings are the creme de la creme!

There is something so wonderful about a full house, laughter, and GOOOOOD food! The Holiday Season tends to put many of us perfectionists teetering close to the diagnostic criteria for OCD and anxiety disorders. However, entertaining should be fun! Don’t lose sight of the true reasons behind your festivities (whether planning a wedding or a Costume Party for 20 tikes!). At Halloween, more so than most holidays, it’s all bout the creativity factor – if not the fear factor. The same creative – and crafty – thinking applied to making your costume, can also add an extra surprise to your table spread. So here are some great ideas to WOW-them this Halloween!

Freaking Cute Foods:

Whoooo you lookin’ at!? How adorable are these cupcakes – and soooo easy to DIY….if you don’t eat the Oreos and M&M’s first. Oops. Check out Kara’s party tips and tricks to make classroom holidays fun – and spooktacular!

Googley eyes via Kara’s Party Ideas.

Eyes got you via Disney Family.

Wrapped up via Our Best Bites.

Brewed for a good time via Pottery Barn.

So grab your broom and get on down to Diagon Alley! Halloween will be here in 13 days!