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I mean really…..

Awwww by Freshly Picked.

Tiny kids clothes or toys always make me act like an idiot. Just ask my roommates. I was a blubbering moron the other night when someone (Ok, fess up! Who was it!) put me on the Land of Nod mailing list. I went ga-ga for a mini accordion……really!? Really!? (Don’t worry friends with kids. I won’t get it for you….boo).

Last weekend I had more than my fill of all things “awwwww”-inspiring. My Mother and I, rather last-minute, decided to throw a baby shower for one of my best friends, Elaine. We live so far apart now that it is tough to see one another unless we happen to be home for the holidays. I was thrilled that she was willing to make the trek to celebrate the impending birth of her little baby girl while I was home for a quick weekend trip!

Now with only a week and a half to plan, it might seem like that wasn’t enough time. However, anything done with love – and lots of crafting creativity will surely turn out wonderful. We were thrilled to shower Elaine with fun gifts and words of advice:

Quack! We floated two rubber duckies (which Elaine and Mike can use later with special HOT indicators) in the punch. Don’t worry, we washed them first.

Pink drinks were wrapped up in a fun graphic print fabric with diaper pins.

Carnations and baby’s breath CAN look good with some roses and cabbage flowers thrown in for fun!

Baby’s blankets were a big hit – and SUPER easy. My Mom whipped these up in a matter of minutes. You can tell where I get the hostessing gene.

It’s raining….babies! Some tissue paper and glitter paper were fashioned into clouds and droplets around the room.

Mad cutting skills at work right here! In case you didn’t get the memo that this was a baby shower.

Ultimately, all these fun touches really would have been for no good reason if not for Elaine. I am so excited to meet her little girl in December and wish her the best with her pregnancy. Mike, have fun putting together all the fun toys! It’s like Legos….but different shapes.

May your family be blessed beyond words!

Much love to the Della Noce’s,