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I know I’ve been MIA. I’ll blame it on midterms but to be honest, it is just due to exhaustion. I did not put my planning skills to use this Fall – seeing as I have not spent a weekend in my own apartment since…..September. Shocking! It’s been busy ’round here!

So this week’s post is short, but a bit shocking. I knew that many designers unveiled (get it – ha! I crack myself up!) their bridal lines a few weeks ago. However, this time my favorite designer – Vera, duh! Did something that made even me gasp – in shock.

She made a LBD bridal gown…..

Here comes the …. bride? via Wedding Chicks.

Stunning details! And really, without the contrast it would be hard to see the delicacy of the lace.

But is this really a new trend? I mean white didn’t become all the rage until Queen Victoria set the fashion tone with her gown. Prior to that dresses of silver, grey, yellow, and blue were considered the norm. What will the future hold for us? Would you wear a black wedding dress?