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I am an Auntie. And proud of it!

Now you might be asking how an only child becomes an Auntie. Well, it happens when you meet and share a pretty hilarious, and certainly enriching, childhood with Tran Kim-Senior, one of my best friends. She married and soon started a family blessing us all with Amaya (who is ALMOST four – I’m sure she’d want me to emphasize that). This past July Amaya (who I call Miss My Pie) became a big sister to Damani (or Damanisaur). As a result of our close friendship and bond, I’m privileged to be Auntie Erin šŸ™‚Ā FulfillingĀ a wish I’ve had since childhood to understand what it feels like to have a brother or sister.

Tran, who blogs about the adventures in parentingĀ at a Sprinkling of Everything, asked me to help babysit this Saturday as she juggles her graduate school studies and her husband, Norman, teaches classes (yes, on a Saturday) at a boarding school in CT. This family is SUPER busy! But LUCKILY that means Auntie Erin gets some quality time with her favoriteĀ munchkinsĀ AND gets to test out parenting (good thing I’ll have plenty of time to practice before actually needing these skills). It will certainly be an adventure in babysitting – good thing I’m always up for a challenge!

Amaya and I had a blast at a pumpkin patch last year! Isn’t she the CUTEST kid ever (not that I’m partial or anything)! I’ll have plenty of photos after this weekend! In fact, when Damani was born, Amaya told me, “Auntie Ehrwin, remember to bring your camera!”…..yikes! I guess I do take a lot of photos. I’m sure she will thank me when she is older – like when she turns 5 šŸ™‚

Happy Weekend!