I had a blast babysitting my two little munchkins this weekend. I became an expert at chasing boogie monsters (not the ones in the closet, the ones in your nose) – and if I get a cold, I’ll know where it came from! Haha.

However, I realized just how CRazY Tran and Norman’s life must be. While their children are so well-behaved (seriously, the baby cried twice the whole time!), they have a lot on their plate. Now, we’re not planning on having kids any day soon, but would like to in the future. This weekend was a great way to see what works – and what I need to work on. BUT my über planning skills came in handy! We were on time and geared up!

So I was especially thrilled when I got home to find this waiting…

I know you all know I have an obsession (seriously, self-diagnosed) with all things stationery related. Welp, this handy dandy notebook comes from TinyPrints, one of my all-time favorite sites for cards and invitations. Erin Condren, genius, has a line of planners that would work for any Mom – or not-a-Mom – person. It has three pockets (including a clear zipper one), monthly calendars (with tabs for quick finding), weekly pages with LOTS of room (organized by morning, day, and night) AND a 2013/2014 calendar (YES, a woman who knows I plan ahead – like really way in advance).

Tran and Norman do a great job, and I’m sure they have their own planners, but MAN was I reminded just how on top of your stuff you must be to be a parent (I mean I packed TWO types of snack and am glad I did because one of them got me the “Ew that’s nasty” face….ugh!). I’ll make a mental note that time management is key to make sure we all leave the house in a timely manner – and with the right gear. Hopefully these handy dandy notebooks will be around when that time comes.

More to come on my adventures in babysitting! Hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep! I did!