One week! We are only one week away – from what you ask? No. Not pumpkin pie – but that’s also a good reason for a countdown.

When I get to see my Joe. (Ok enough with the barf sounds from the cheap seats – BEES!)

I just have to take a moment to vent about long-distance relationships. I wish that I didn’t have a countdown in my head about when I’d get to see Joe again. I wish I didn’t have to get on a plane to see him (or that I COULD prescribe myself some Xanax). I wish that after a crappy (excuse my french) day I could come home to a big bear hug. But I have to wait two months for two days of being a normal couple (if lucky).

When I moved to Boston, we both made the very conscious decision to continue our relationship – it wasn’t a matter of would we or wouldn’t we. It was a given – and one I am so grateful for. It has taken a LOT of communication on our parts to make this work.

Late nights. Going to bed mad. Learning to be humble. It’s all been part of the process. But I often wonder what it would be like if we DIDN’T have the comforts of technology that the 21st Century affords us. Miss date nights? Why not have one over Skype? Getting dressed up and all.

I love the idea of love letters – particularly those written about by Jane Austen. But alas, I don’t have the time – or do I? Joe and I also make the conscious effort to communicate – text, call, Skype, etc. So I’d imagine that if we were without these technologies, we’d find the time – make the effort.

But I can’t wait until the day all I will have to do is turn and tell him, “Could you rub my foot?” No seriously though. I can’t wait to turn to him and say ANYTHING (I won’t say it cuz the cheap seats will make barf noises again!). Maybe I’ll text him things like – remember to get the laundry out of the dryer – from the next chair just for giggles.

The plus about graduate school is that there is an ending. We are getting to the final countdown kids! Not only for me, but for us. I’m so excited for our next chapter – one that won’t include forced distance (hello Navy!) or chosen distance (hello MSW!). Come this summer I will be Michigan bound! I can’t wait to move to the Mitten state – but more excited to be back in the same city – nay, the same apartment – as my love.

So I remind myself each Skype date, text, late night call, and email…..that there is an end in sight! January 2012 will begin the final countdown! I can’t wait! (Now I know that song is playing in your head….catchy isn’t it!)

Sappy in Boston,