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How inspiring is this!!!!!

Thankful for inspiration via Southern Weddings.

Don’t these photos just make you want to run into your kitchen and start defrosting that bird!? No. Just me. Ok. Whether you are cooking the feast on Thanksgiving or eating it (or hopefully both), you must agree with me that this is one awesome inspiration board! Who said mums, pumpkins and bittersweet vines couldn’t dress up a table!?

What about adding in family photos or childhood gizmos. My Grandmother Seegar dressed her table with name cards – yes, even when it was just family. I’ve gotten the same one each year for as long as I can remember. It has a little pilgrim girl on it with my name in my Grandmother Seegar’s distinctive script.

It’s those personal touches that really make holidays wonderful. The traditions that are passed along – just like our name cards. What traditional items deck your halls this holiday? Any that are comical – like a dancing cactus? No. Still just me again. Just kidding. But my Dad does like to put up his red chilli pepper lights – to my Mother’s dismay.

Here’s to memorable centerpieces – and traditions that stay true.

With gratitude,