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What wonders abound in a stationery store!? The crisp, clean pages of paper. The script and roll of the text across a page. The feel of letterpress under your fingers. And the hope they bring to wishing loved ones well and marking great occasions in life!

I love stationery. And HOLIDAY stationery takes the cake in warm well-wishes!

Please Mr. Postman via Oh So Beautiful Paper. PS have you HEARD of The Paper Nickel – vintage postage peeps! Vintage! How cute!?

This holiday is different though. It’s official – Joe and I are sending out JOINT holiday cards! This. Is. Serious! (As if this Southern Belle moving to the Mitten State isn’t….gonna need gloves!).

So when I started my search to find the right holiday card for this momentous occasion, I decided to expand my options and streamline my efforts. Time is of the essence! And I’ve got little of it. Here’s my online list to a very merry holiday card experience:

1. TinyPrints – My go-to, never-let-me-down-yet online paperie. They are super-fast and so user-friendly. Plus, their StudioBasics line is holiday budget friendly!

2. Minted – This one was brought to my attention via Real Simple Magazine (my second bible). I am in L.O.V.E. with their printed card backs – ignored no more!


3. Paperculture – This culture is one I could definitely support! Each card is printed on 100% recycled paper – AND they plant a tree for every order! Happy Holidays Mother Nature!

4. Pear Tree – Shapes? Cards can be in funky shapes?! YES! I love the out-of-the-card-box thinking. Granted their selection is not as wide – meaning its Holiday or Christmas on this site…..(ps there are two other holidays in Dec. Can you name them?)

Are you sending out cards this season? Newsletters? Fruit cakes?

I wish you all a happy holidays – and a fun time trying to pick just ONE favorite!! Next stop for me is getting Joe to say cheese – wish me luck!