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I love holidays! Especially the ones in the Fall! Thanksgiving takes the cake though (sorry Halloween or Labor Day). It’s a time of the year for us all to pause and reflect on the things that we have been so thankful for in the past year. And eat lots of food!

And then finish it off with some Rock Band. Seriously, we played one year and it was a blast!

Tom, one of my cousins, and I got a bit too into it…. Oh well, every family has its weirdos. We will gladly be the representatives for our family.

And every family has their own traditions. My family’s holiday traditions are so special to me that I can’t imagine a year without them. I am so thankful for those memories.

But there comes a time when new memories must be made. This year I’m trekking to Ann Arbor, MI for my first Rutherford Family Thanksgiving. I am excited to spend time with Joe’s family, and Joe, but nervous all the same. I’m thankful that he is in my life. It is time for us to make our own traditions and memories. To build a new life together (Here I come MI!!). After all that is what I am most thankful for this year!

What are your family traditions? Any ones as strange as Rock Band?! I hope so. I hope you have many memories that still make you smile to this day and help you look forward to the next holiday season with joy and anticipation.

All my blessings to you and yours!