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This week is short. I have priorities – they are called finals. I’m almost done – one more to go!

But I must admit that wedding plans are a great motivator. I’ll draft a few pages, and then surf a fave wedding blog for inspiration. Our first big conversation about the wedding details even ended up being a “treat” for an afternoon spent in the library toiling away.

I saw this quote on one such break posted on where else – Pinterest!

Priority via Pinterest.

I have to admit, it about sums things up. I’m now on the “other side” of the proposal, and it’s a whole new world. We have loved the flood of congratulations – and the cards – and the texts – and yes even the “suggestions.” But it is a bit overwhelming! Joe and I are so grateful to have one another and to be planning our wedding. At the end of the day, in allllll the details that will “make” the day special, the fact that we are getting married takes the cake (pun intended).

Where to go from here!? When! What colors! And who? Those answers will come in time – and some will be kept a secret until our big day (sorry for those hoping to catch a glimpse). I will however share the journey – and comment on trends, tips, and ideas I find along the way. What winds up in our wedding on that day is to be determined…

But something tells me it will be all about prioritizing 🙂


Erin W.