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was a wedding date!

Joe and I are thrilled to confirm we will be having a MARRY 2012! The countdown has begun for November 2012! And don’t think I haven’t already started timelines, budgets, and of course – Pinterest boards (Check me out on Pinterest! Walker Down the Aisle!). It’s been a whirlwind this past month – sorry for the delay in postings over the past two weeks. Planning a wedding long-distance takes a village! I am thankful (over-the-moon-indebted-forever-crazy-grateful) for all of those who have offered help and stepped forward to make this day possible.

Many people have asked – or stated – that I MUST have our wedding all planned out! Right? I blog about weddings, I love stationery, I go ga-ga over flowers, and I have found my true love – CLEARLY I’ve GOT. THIS. IN. THE. BAG!

Nope. Truth is, planning your own wedding is a WHOLE other thing! This is the joining together of two people – and two families – and two groups of friends. It is the BIGGEST CELEBRATION you will ever throw! And you only get to do it once! No. Pressure!

Here is how our planning has gone so far:

1. Mother of all parties – I called in the Grand Puma, Hostess with the Mostest, and Queen of Charm. My Mom. Come to find out, my Grandma Seegar helped to plan my parent’s wedding – long-distance. Must be a good sign. My parents have been married for 35 years.

2. Don’t forget you are getting MARRIED – So the party is fun, but the whole reason we are throwing a wedding is because we are getting MARRIED. The marriage is just as important to us as the wedding day. Joe and I met with the Deacon for our first Marriage Prep meeting. This is the part that Martha doesn’t really put in her magazine – but should. Joe and I are not just planning a wedding, but planning for our lives. I’ve heard from friends that a MARRIAGE is the hardest job you will love. With the church’s marriage prep we will discuss everything and anything – family, kids, finances, end-of-life, goals, and communication. For this we are so grateful!! Why wouldn’t you go over this stuff!? I’m gonna be honest in saying these meetings top our list of priorities.

3. Bridegroom – Why is he called that? Everything is not always about the bride! Joe is the groom! And I’m thrilled that he is super excited to be involved in the planning. But have you ever TRIED to explain average wedding costs, staff fees, monograms, attrition rates, etc. with a guy?! It should be on a sitcom. Reality is, despite the PLETHORA of wedding blogs, few are geared towards THE GUYS. So I am considering a new series….. Groom’s Guide. If anything, it might help brides communicate with their grooms – which might help with communicating in the future.

4. Breathe. Don’t forget.

As plans evolve, we will keep everyone posted! In the meantime, enjoy your holidays! Be with family. Sleep in. Act like a kid!


Erin (and Joe)