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How awesome is the birth of a child! (Coming from the girl who has never been a)pregnant or b) in labor…. but still!!!).

My childhood best friend Elaine, and her husband Mike, just had a little baby girl yesterday! Happy Birthday Baby Julia! I am soooooo thrilled for them and can’t wait to meet her next week.

This week has been one that reminds me how life is ever-changing and that I am truly an adult…..yikes. Yesterday, as Elaine was in labor, I was trying on wedding dresses. If that doesn’t punctuate the reality that I am grown up I don’t know what does! I immediately thought of our childhood – mud pies, “alphabet letters”, swim team, the candy aisle of Walmart, and Barbies….oh and one really awful car trip that convinced me that I LOVED being an only child after her brother cried alllllllllllllll the way from DC to Richmond after a day at the Zoo. In traffic. Trust me. I haven’t forgotten.

As we both grow up, I hope we can relive these memories (well, not the road trip from DC) with our children. I know Julia is one lucky little girl to have a Mom like Elaine. I look forward to 2012 and all the joys it will bring! Our families are filled with blessings as a new year begins! Instead of being afraid to grow up, my resolution is to embrace it! Being a bride AND being an Auntie are just too wonderful to not revel in!

Blessings to all and especially to Baby Julia!