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How much fun is this!

Succulent succulents via CarrieCan.

And this!

Pretty little picture via Coco and Hearts.

Or this purdy birdy.

Tweet-rific via Graphics Fairy.

Are you noticing something? I’m on the hunt for the perfect wedding colors. And I’m finding that inspiration comes from really unusual places.

I started my hunt by thinking about Joe and I. Joe LOVES cherries. I have a passion for turquoise (jewelry and color). Then I started looking at what my eyes were drawn too. First stop, my closet – where I realized that I wear a LOT of plums and blues along with really rich colors (yes, I do love me some Lilly Pulitzer too!).

Next stop, my favorite grocery store….yep you read right. One of my most favorite things to do is visit Russo’s Grocery just outside Boston, MA. It’s a field day for my senses – and my pocketbook! So I took a trip and wandered the aisles to see what my eyes were drawn to. Then I noticed the plums and cherries – which are NOT actually RED – they are … PLUM! Have you seen cherries lately….

Sweet cherr-ity via Buckets of Burlap.

Then I looked to my bedroom. Your home style says a lot about your preferences – I mean it is the place you spend more hours out of your day (well, you should spend more time at home). Low and behold I saw another color pattern – robin’s egg blue!

So if you’re planning a special event – whether it is a wedding or birthday party. Don’t just think of colors first – think of your favorite things and THEN pick colors or themes. As I continue to hone in on our wedding colors (which Joe has so far approved – because they aren’t TOO girly), I’ll mull over these initial observations – Plum and Robin’s Egg Blue.

Hope your day is colorful!

Erin W.