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I love lists….well really I love the notepads that contain lists. And checking things off my lists!

But this year, I think I might have enough lists. You see, I have a list for graduate school. And one for my personal life (like buy groceries on Sunday so you have something to eat at lunch for the next week). Don’t forget the growing one for the wedding. Soon I’ll add one for packing, moving, apartment hunting, completing our registry, getting my licensure and … job hunting!

Just a reminder on Pinterest via KeepCalmAnd.tumblr.com.

It dawned on me two nights ago that resolutionS (plural) might be really tough this year. And not because I can’t keep a promise. When Joe and I started dating, he got called in for training for a month and I wouldn’t be able to reach him. He popped this fact on me during our third date, and promptly promised to call me everyday if he could (a commitment that he rarely breaks even to this day). During some of those calls, I’d ask him TableTopic questions to learn more about one another – since our dating was interrupted. Last week I found the Couples Edition, and one of the questions was so appropriate for New Years. It asked, “What is your biggest goal for the next 12 months?”

Mine was an easy answer – to move to Ann Arbor and begin our life together without having a meltdown (isn’t moving such a pain!). So in reality, my first “resolution” is to NOT make any more lists. My only resolution this New Year is to simplify, simplify, simplify. To focus on what is good and important in my life – and just let the other stuff GOOOOOOOO! If the move doesn’t happen when I want it, or it takes me longer to find a job, I’ll just remember my resolution – SIMPLIFY! And if pictures don’t get hung on the walls until AFTER we are married – so be it! We have a BIG, EXCITING, OVER-THE-TOP YEAR ahead of us. Why on Earth would I make ANOTHER list of things that might make me miss out on the ones I already have? Especially when they are all so wonderful!

For the record, Joe’s goal – to work out more consistently……like he needs it! Ugh! He could run a marathon tomorrow and not flinch. Which reminds me….didn’t we say we are running the Detroit Half in October?

Oh geeze.

Happy New Year!