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Ok I realize this is a day late, but it was a holiday on Monday….so that kinda makes today an honorary Wednesday right?

Well, I’m back from holiday break and feel VERY good about wedding plans. Joe and I are very focused when it comes to getting things done. We have a mission, we go in, we secure the target and we get out….. (Can you tell I was listening when he told me about tactical ops?). So far we have:

  1. the church
  2. the reception site
  3. the theme
  4. the colors
  5. the estimated invite list (which changes fast – since two babies will be added)
  6. the budget (KEY!!!!)
  7. the dress
  8. the bridal party
  9. caterer proposals
  10. engagement photo shoot scheduled

And I must admit that NONE of this would have really been accomplished with out Joe. Well, sorta…

You see, I’ve learned a few things about a man’s mind – well my man’s mind at least – that I know will serve us both well in our marriage. Joe is excited to be involved. He is excited about the celebration. And he is obviously ecstatic to marry me (as am I about him!).

But no amount of blog-surfing-Pinterest-pinning-marriage-prep-booklets could prepare us for our conversation about color choices and “the feel of our wedding.” In fact, I can’t find too many tips for brides to help grooms play an active role in planning. So I thought I’d share them in this first Groom’s Corner. I mean it is their day too!

You see ALLLLLL the blogs have tips for BRIDES to start planning – budget checklists, invite trackers, color combo choices, and a plethora of beautiful photo (that I obviously devour!!!!). So that is where I started – with Joe.

Poor Joe was overwhelmed within ten minutes. So when I asked about color choices, and showed him a photo of a bouquet, Joe’s response should not have surprised me, “Um sure. That’s nice.” Thankfully I’m not a bridezilla or have any expectation for Joe to go ga-ga over roses and pretty plum table cloths – but “Um sure” wasn’t what I had in mind.

However, that first conversation, ended up being such a great start to our MARRIAGE. Rather than get all ruffled, I listened to Joe and asked for clarification, “So do you think this color is too girly or do you really not care unless I make you wear pink?” Joe, who said he’d wear what made me happy (insert “awwww” here), stated that it wasn’t that he didn’t care, but that for some things he didn’t have a preference. He liked the plum – as he would orange, or green, or rose, or robin’s egg blue, or aubergine…. which he didn’t know was a color. After talking about what our preferences were, we had built two priority lists:


  1. Reception site
  2. Ceremony content
  3. DJ
  4. Cake
  5. Caterer


  1. Reception site
  2. Photography
  3. Flowers
  4. Stationery – DUH!
  5. Ceremony content

While I think we do a good job of listening to one another anyways, had I not asked for Joe to speak up about his preferences – I might have overlooked things that matter most to him. Not saying ANYTHING about something means forfeiting control over the choice. So grooms, speak up! If you really a) don’t like something or b) like it but don’t really have a PREFERENCE – say it! Chances are your bride will thank you and be able to move forward with all the fun blog-hunting-magazine-photo-clipping with relief! Or in my case, call in the troops (my Mom – who was a huge help in pulling our priorities together) and start the reception site hunt!

In the end, after visiting EIGHT locations in TWO DAYS – Joe and I walked into Cobblestone Farm in Ann Arbor, MI and knew this was where we’d celebrate the biggest – and best – decision of our life! In fact, when Joe heard someone had just cancelled for our first pick date, HE asked how to make a deposit…like I said – on a mission. TARGET SECURED.

Let’s dance via Mishelle Lamarand Photography.

She’s a …. stone … house via Tracey & Riva Modern Wedding Photography.

Rustic charm via Aruna B. Photography.

Here’s to planning our future!