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Sorry this blog has been a wee-bit slow coming. It is not for lack of stuff to write about – between the holidays in Baltimore, time with my best friends on New Year’s Eve in DC, the birthday of Miss My Pie (today!!! I can’t believe she is 4!), and wedding planning in Ann Arbor, MI – life has been BUSY! 2012 is off on a run!

The only problem is the nasty cold I came down with last week. Makes me miss my Mom and Grandma Seegar’s chicken noodle soup. And all my plans came to a halt!

Speaking of food, new year means new stuff happening in the kitchen. I don’t set resolutions, but one that I usually keep is to try new foods – I mean who wouldn’t love to do that! This year I thought I’d focus – remember this year is all about simplifying. So on top of my Freezer Meals, I’m going to focus on vegetables! Yea!!!!!!

*chirp, chirp, chirp*

Ok come on veggies can be fun – and sooooo yummy!

January’s veggie is…..drum roll….. Swiss Chard!

How pretty are these greens! The electric orange and pinks just jump out and say – EAT ME!

So this week I chopped it up with a half a yellow onion, two cloves garlic and some olive oil. I cooked the onion and garlic first and then added the rough chopped swiss chard. A few minutes later ….

I wish they had invented smell-o-vision! It was such a comfort food smell that I couldn’t wait to take a bite! AND it is full of good, nutritious – non-gluten free – goodness! I’ve got a lot going on in 2012 and keeping my body full of great nutrients to fuel me along is a MUST.

I also decided to fix a twice baked sweet potato:

One sweet potato – baked and scooped, chopped walnuts, goat cheese and dried cranberries. I had no measurements and went a big heavy on the goat cheese (it’s soooo good!). Mash your top picks together and place it back in the potato shell. Pop it in the oven at 400 for about 5 minutes uncovered. And…

Ok not the best picture! But seriously, I downed it – with a cold – in about 10 minutes flat. Black widow food eater – eat your heart out!

I’m hoping these super nutritious foods boost my immune system so that this cold leaves as quickly as it came.