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Next on the planning list …. engagement photos!!!! My little photog happy heart rejoices!

I HEART this via Dashing Pearl‘s Colleen Amelia Photography.

In case you have not noticed – I LOVE PHOTOS! Ask Amaya, she knows her Auntie Erin NEVER leaves home without one. And while I love the photos I’ve snagged of Joe and I while on our adventures over the years, I am excited to have beautiful, professional, stunning photos of us in the city where we fell in love – Washington, D.C.

It was a natural choice for us when we started looking for a DC based photographer. My friend Lindsay Luthe of LinDC Photography (pronounced Lindsay) was the obvious choice. She has an amazing ability to capture candid shots of kids that are just stunning! Not to mention she knows the city like the back of her hand and can highlight all the reasons why we loved living there so much.

Of course I’ve searched Pinterest high and low for inspiration. Part of me really wishes it would snow this weekend – just for the extra spark flurries add to photos like this:

Bundled up via John Sharpe Photography.

Not to mention so many engagement photos feature such wonderful props and cool ideas. I know Joe and I have a few that will be unique to us, but it is neat to see how other couples announce their big day:

Save the Date with My Yellow Umbrella.

I must admit the preparation for these photos took a small army. Joe and I want photos that showcase where we fell in love – and what an awesome backdrop DC provides. But we also realized that a January shoot date means weather can rear its ugly head. SO after talking with Lindsay we put together a list of locations and ideas that is sure to provide us with memories to last a lifetime. Now, the next step was making sure Joe and I didn’t subtract from the scenery with hideous outfits.

I recruited my Maid Of Honor, Stacey, to help piece together my outfits – based on Joe’s outfits (GROOM’S CORNER – brides, guys should look like themselves. Don’t force outfits on them as much as you want “that look.” Let them set the tone and then work around  that – trust me, you’ll save yourself ridiculous conversations and “disagreements.” At the end of the day, shirt colors are NOT worth fights.) – for the day. She is one of those women who can walk into TJMaxx and find the most fabulous dress you’ve ever seen. Her ability to layer and still keep structure in mind is a talent I WISH I had. AND she is a Washingtonian like Lindsay and knew what would look good in the settings we’ll be visiting. I can’t thank her enough!

After Stacey’s guidance and Lindsay’s expert advice, I hosted a fashion show for my roommates to pick the final options. I can’t wait to see the photos – and show you all – as we kick off our engagement! Say a prayer that we have good weather!

Here are some of my fave photos from LinDC Photography:

Say cheese!

Erin W.