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Mr. Darcy.

Yep. You know what I’m talkin’ bout!

Poetry via Pinterest.

I love that Jane Austen, living in the 17th century, wrote a story as timeless as Pride & Prejudice. Her characters – including Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett – have been reincarnated time and time again (not to mention Emma was reinvented into Clueless – kid you not!). Their love story is one not just based in romance, but in understanding the true nature of what we want, need, and expect of a life partner. I have always been drawn to their story. Their pride, like our own in modern society, so often clouds our judgements of others – of our expectations – and of our “must have lists” – making us far too prejudiced to find love.

I too had a list – one that didn’t really give any guy a chance in h-e-double hockey stick of letting me get to know him. It wasn’t that my list wasn’t good (I mean, I didn’t want to marry – spend the rest of my life – with just anyone!), it’s that it didn’t let me get to know the person I was “interested in.” Granted, I love lists – I love checking lists off – but can you really do that in the dating courting world? Not really. Too short? Scratch that. What about his heart? Never stood a chance if I cut him off after he stood up. You’d miss out on so many wonderful strengths of the person for something that he (or she) would have no control over – like blue eyes or brown – or poor teeth. What about their passions or talents or amazing innate abilities? So, with a little growing up, and a big dose of Elizabeth Bennett sized humility – I searched for my Mr. Darcy – and am lucky enough to have found him. Granted, I only found him when I was open to it.

So thanks Jane! I appreciate the life lessons you have taught me through your wonderful stories and admirable characters. And to never give up hope. Ever.

Love most admirably,