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It’s official. I am an adult.

On FIRE via Blue Eyed Bakers.

Well, while LEGALLY I’ve been an adult for the past 10 years (18 DOES seem that long ago!), I haven’t really felt like an adult until the past few years. Not that grad school does anything to make you feel like you have control over your life – or cash flow. But that the decisions I made over the past three years have really propelled me into my adulthood. I became a Program Manager, I met Joe, I moved to Boston, I started my masters program, I’ve flow a BILLION times, and have managed to still keep close to family and friends. Becoming an adult is a gradual process. One of careful, and sometimes painful, experiences that have helped bring me to today.

And what I have learned most about being an adult is that sometimes it SUCKS. Bills, heartache, moving, 25 page papers, being wholly responsible for your own actions – good or bad. However, through frustrations I’ve also learned that to be a successful adult (which I am STILL working on and will be a dynamic process over my lifetime) you must set boundaries and priorities. Yes I know I talk about priorities a lot – but it is from learning experiences!

So my priorities for 29 are:

1. Graduate with my Master of Social Work (YESSSSSSSS!).

2. Enjoy being engaged (see my next blog for this!).

3. Read for fun – and make reading for grad school fun.

4. Don’t rush – dinner, sleeping, laughing, dancing, whatever – just relax.

5. Make family and friends a priority – always!

6. Tell Joe I love you every day and every night – in person 🙂

7. Get a job – with benefits.

8. Set up OUR first home.

9. Fully appreciate our pre-marriage classes.


I am officially 29 years old. Yep. I woke up and thought, “Welp, no turning back now. Let’s DO this!” I’m gonna go out on a limb here, but I think this year will be pretty awesome!