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What a crazy past few weeks! School started and it was. Back. To. Reality. I just kept saying to myself, “Just make it to the 20th.” Because that meant I’d get to see Joe and be able to ENJOY being engaged.

It is immensely hard to enjoy being engaged when you don’t live in the same place – city, state, or otherwise. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, I accept that I was the one to move away for school and that this would be part of a long-distance relationship. However, I miss not being able to have Joe nearby to celebrate – whether with others or just with each other. So for that reason, our engagement trip to DC was even more meaningful.

And then Mother Nature showed up. It had been a mild winter so far – and I was hoping she’d keep it that way. Two days before we were to head to DC, a snow storm threatened to ruin all our plans. The storm would hit Detroit (where Joe would be flying out of), and then Boston (where I was flying out of). We said a prayer and hoped we’d both make it. On the 20th we both got to our airports and began the waiting game. First Joe got delayed. Snow began to roll in. Then I got delayed. His airport began canceling flights. Mine delayed my flight again. Finally, I got on my plane – and told Joe I hoped to see him in DC. I had no idea if he’d make it or if it would be me celebrating alone.

But he did! I can’t tell you how happy I was to turn my phone on and get a text from him saying he was boarding his plane. An hour later we were hugging. I don’t think either of us have ever been that happy to see one another – well, maybe.

And boy was that trip worth it! While our engagement photos got rescheduled due to the weather as well. It meant we had a whole day to be a normal couple. We had brunch at Clyde’s, went to the movies, took a walk, went out to dinner at Rosa Mexicano for my birthday,  and then out to celebrate our engagement with our friends!

So in the end, our long-distance relationship proved to be – a worthwhile adventure. The biggest plus of the weekend – our engagement photos! Tune in Wednesday for a special post.