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So by now you’ve realized I am an Austen-ite. She was just a lady well beyond her time.

I am always so thrilled to discover other Austen-ites – and especially Austen inspired blogs. Which is why I was thrilled to come across Anne’s blog Modern Mrs. Darcy.

Jane would LOVE this via Modern Mrs. Darcy.

Anne’s blog is geared towards the modern accomplished woman – and how culture defines her. Her honesty is a welcome breath of fresh air. She isn’t trying to be something someone else expects, but the best version of herself – an accomplished woman. And doing so navigating a world that so often places unrealistic expectations on women – hmmm Jane, I wonder what you would say now!

Here are some of my fave posts – warning, if you are a traditionalist, you may not like her opinions – or you may be pleasantly surprised. I mean, she is channeling Mrs. Darcy.

Princess Kate vs. Disney Princesses

My #1 Lesson From Pinterest (duh! Glad someone else sees that it is not just a way to organize pretty things!)

Redefining the Accomplished Woman

Take a few minutes and peek around her site. I promise you’ll be surprised and delighted! A perfect away to spend a winter weekend.


Erin W.