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I know. I’m on a Jane Austen kick! But really, inspiration comes from the oddest places!

As I was surfing the web – between studying (which is going to eat up a lot of time the next three months!) – I saw this board on Snippet & Ink. Immediately I went ga-ga! What a piece of eye candy for the british lit drama nerd. The soft colors and deconstructed style scream effortless chic…. I mean can’t you imagine going on a walk-about with some strapping young Earl or Duke? No, just me….ok.

Talk about sensibility via Snippet & Ink!

This week   The past month has been a blur! Life is happily busy with both of us now in school. I must admit that it is tough to do fun stuff now – even making it to the gym or taking 5 minutes to pen this post seems impossible. I’ll try to keep up with it, but in smaller ways. I am happy to report that two items for the wedding are now on our TO-DONE List – floral design and photographer. More to come at a later date since I must admit that floral design might have been my biggest internal battle yet – with a funny outcome (it involves Joe’s eldest brother haha). I almost thought to diagnose myself with a dissociative disorder or borderline personality!

Next up are getting our save the dates out….and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to share the design with our friends and family! Thanks to a dear sorority sister with amazing talents, my stationery heart is getting its biggest wish – personally designed paper goods (save the date to menus!)!!!!!! Swoon! Lots of good things to post  in the future!

Until then, yours affectionately,


(why did they always have such beautiful ways of signing letters back then? *sigh*)