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I definitely LOVE to read. Like, can’t leave home without a book in my bag. I’m just not always the biggest fan of all the reading I have to do for school.

So I usually like to read light – or as Joe says, “boring looking,” – books for fun. However, over the break I decided to read a book that had been recommended to me by more than one person. I had put off reading it because it hit a little too close to my profession of social work. The book Room by Emma Donoghue follows the story of a boy born and raise in a small room – captive along with his mother. However, what is most interesting is that it also follows the first few weeks of his life OUTSIDE captivity. Talk about a study of human development!

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The book is beautifully written. The dialogue between Jack and his mother is stunning. Yet, the social work dork in me, loved it! I realize it was a sad story, but fascinating to read. Jack has only had a small cube to live in for the first 5 years of his life. The reality that a world exists beyond the four walls baffles him. He can’t make sense of why they can’t return to Room after escaping. It was his only security – his holding environment. What would I do if I discovered this world I knew was in fact – only a small part of one that was bigger and more complex than I’d ever thought. I like my world too!

While I won’t list this as enjoyable, I will list it as worthwhile.

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