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I heart three-day weekends! However I must admit they are rare while in grad school.

Perk me up from Pinterest.

Today is the last day of a three-day weekend (Thanks Presidents!). However, it is not going to be a lazy-watch-the-sun-drift-across-the-sky-read-for-fun day. It is in fact the beginning of my final mid-terms….YESSSSSSSSSSSS! While I am not so happy about the paper writing, I am happy to not feel so rushed to paper write. That being said I’m filling up my coffee mug and preparing to be a bit pre-occupied for the next two weeks. While I certainly wish that in my caffeine induced coma I could write papers AND witty blog posts. Who am I kidding!? I would hate to mix up my Wedding Wednesday with my CBT case conceptualization. Oops.

So I’m taking a moment to press pause. I hope you will do the same. We all need pause buttons in our life. Sometimes we just need to take a minute to focus on one or two great things, rather than 15 good things. I’ll be back in a few weeks with lots of updates – and new recipes!

Pause amongst yourselves,