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Well! It’s official! Mark your calendars!

EEEEK! So excited to mail these babies out!

I must admit that all our stationery design would NEVER have happened if not for my sorority……no really! After announcing our engagement, we received such a warm congratulations from everyone, but only one person offered to make my little stationery heart jump an extra beat. Swoon!

Bree Mills of Double Bee Design is a very dear sorority sister – and bride herself (41 days!)! Her one little note began the exciting process of developing our signature colors, design and monogram to fit with the vision we wanted for our special day. I can’t tell you how many “wreaths” I sent Bree as samples – all thanks to Pinterest! She took them and worked her magic to create one just for us that encompassed the romance and charm to set the tone. I am over-the-moon thrilled with the way they turned out! Never did I think I could have a stationery set to help illustrate our day. It’s a bridal dream come true! She was always so responsive, professional, and patient – Lord was she patient – with my requests. Even with a small printing snafu – that was totally my doing and convinced me to go with her printer in the future – they worked out perfectly! If you’re ever looking for a design pro, let me know and I’ll pass her info. along.

I wish her all the best with her wedding and the beginning of her married life with Tommy! She will make a beautiful bride – and thanks to her graphic design skills – her wedding will be buzzing with fun stationery details! I can’t wait to work with her on our invitations and collaterals! What a fun summer I have planned!