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Well, I am so glad to finally have some free moments back so that I can enjoy cooking! I’ve got a few Monday’s worth of posts, but here is the first one for those who love lasagna, but are looking for a veggie option (holler gluten-free peeps!).

This time I used Eggplant – a very color appropriate veggie for my wedding too!

I had an eggplant (why, I’m still not sure) from a recent trip to Russo’s the other week (who has 6 different varieties by the way!). I knew I needed to use it, but wasn’t sure how. Then I discovered leftover homemade pasta sauce in my freezer! Soon the last of my spinach and a large container of ricotta was added to my list:

2/3 a 32oz. container of ricotta cheese

1 medium to small eggplant (slice into 1/4 inch circles)

1 cup spinach leaves

2 cups pasta sauce (give or take a few) – mine also had ground turkey cooked into it from a previous cooking sunday.

I just started layering in each ingredient and topped it off with a healthy dose of the pasta sauce. Preheat your oven to 420 and then pop it in for about 35 min. to let it simmer. I must admit I went a bit slap-happy with the cheese but oh well!

While it cooked I did a little reading for CBT and reviewed Bill proposals for the NASW’s upcoming LEAD Day at the Massachusetts State House. Should be a busy week – but so glad that lunches are already DONE!

Next up – Corned Beef and Cabbage! I couldn’t post it earlier because I wasn’t inspired to try this Irish favorite until a road trip to Chicopee, MA for St. Patrick’s Day! More fun to come!