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Happy Spring! What a glorious week it’s been here in Boston! A wonderful way to usher in such an exciting time of year – Wedding Season!

Romance blossoms via 100 Layer Cake.

I must admit, I’ve stolen a few moments to blog surf this week. Since graduate school has put a pause to our wedding plans (hard to work on fun, crafty things when you have 5 papers in 6 weeks), Joe and I have begun the task of focusing on the true meaning behind our wedding – our marriage! Thus far we’ve covered topics in our weekly sessions on household expectations, child-rearing, and whether a TV should be in the bedroom. So while surfing the blogs for fun, I’ve been keen to look at the ceremony components and ways that couples have honored their vows and the commitment they are making on their wedding day.

I stumbled across this gem of a post (pictured above too) and just had to share! Joe’s brother will be giving our Homily during the ceremony. Father Mark is not only family but newly ordained and eager to marry his brother in such a monumental rite of passage (I mean how cool will it be to tell our kids that their Uncle Father Mark married us!!! I get giddy just thinking about it!). I just loved the following wedding and most importantly the snippet of video at the bottom of the post (seriously! I just cried for a good 10 minutes! Hello Kleenex!). The officiant’s words were so moving and clearly reflective of the couple. This will DEFINITELY be showed to Fr. Mark! Though I have no doubt he will be equally thrilled to contribute in such a way on our wedding day!

Joe and I are now 2 months from FINALLY living in the same city/state/zip! This has been a long and challenging process. However, it has taught us so many wonderful things – about us and how we can work as a team despite difficult circumstances. To learn to love across distances is not for the faint of heart, but something I will always be proud of as husband and wife.

BUT, these last two months will mean we have not physically seen one another for 4 months by my graduation day. We are employing a multitude of tactics to help us cope and conquer these last few weeks (thanks in part to the military mentality – we’ll take 4 months! A whole 12 month deployment – no thanks!). That being said, I must admit that photos like this:

via Wedding Chicks.

yep, this too:

via Postcards and Pretties.

make me miss Joe more. I tear up just thinking about it. He is my other half and it is so hard to go through your day feeling like you are missing a limb. I can’t wait to feel whole again! Final Countdown – 58 days!

Swooned out,