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I love lists!

Namely because it is how I remember things. If I don’t write it down, someone better remind me of it later! If not, oh well! I also love lists because drawing a big line through something is just so satisfying!

As school nears its end, I have LOTS of LISTS! So many that it’s getting a bit nutty! Blogging is ALWAYS on my list, but I’m never able to scratch it off – despite all the scribbled ideas I write down during my day about posts. There just is not enough time! I’ve enjoyed spending my 15 minutes a day in silence to reflect and meditate during Lent – but it meant 15 minutes was sacrificed elsewhere. Usually that meant not writing something here. Sacrifice people. Sacrifice.

BUT I have 3 papers/finals standing between me and my Master’s Degree! The end is nigh – in a REALLY exciting, fantastic, amazing way! So my lists are beginning to shift.

My lists are now reflecting the immense changes coming my way. Things like “talk to M&D (Mom and Dad, duh!) re moving truck,” or “Pin MI social services (yup, I’ve got a social work pin board!),” and my fave “email wedding vendors for meeting dates.” Between moving, finding a job, AND getting married – I’ve kinda lost sight of the big stuff! Like FINALLY being able to come home to Joe. Yep. Just added that one to the list.

I’m thrilled to have these things on the list – I mean I’ve feel like I’ve been WAITING for this day FOREVER! Even though it’s only been two years. But amidst all the things that HAVE to be done, what about the things I have been WAITING to do. The lazy Sundays. The random road trips with Joe. The freedom to pick things because I CAN. Since my list seems to lack “purely fun” things, I thought I’d reach out to you. During my season of change (aka summer), what SHOULD I have on my list? What would be FUN to do if you were moving to a new city? What’s up in Michigan? What am I missing on my Summer Bucket List?

#1 Attend the Hot Air Balloon Jubilee in Jackson, MI at the end of July

Up, up and away via Southern Weddings.

After all this waiting, and delays in blogging, I am certainly excited for the summer to start. Here’s to building a great bucket list! Can’t wait!