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Little Reminders via Christy Johnson Photography.

Ok. I have – um – one hour to spare. I have my own list of things to do – namely finish my final papers (SO DARN CLOSE!!). But sometimes things just stop you in your tracks. Putting life in perspective can really help us come to grips with what’s important and ground us in our often crazy lives. Case in point:

You know I love lists. LOVE. THEM. But lists, as helpful as they are to me, can be a ball and chain. They usually consist of things we HAVE to do, not things we WANT to do. But why can’t our life lists include these WANT to do things (see my last post for the start of my WANT list, not my HAVE TO list).

I’ve also noticed through the power of blogging and Pinterest, my lists have grown. Awesome ideas can be found EVERYWHERE! Those cupcakes with cookie monster faces eating cookies – SURE! That crockpot mac n’ cheese – ABSOLUTELY! That DIY flower wreath chandelier thingy- Um … Ok I’ll try. How fast ideas, inspiration, and support can grow on the internet! It’s astounding.

So when I saw a post on a Facebook friend’s page for the blog Avery’s Bucket List, I just had to click. I am SO glad I did. And I’m encouraging you all to click through and read. Here is the story:

Avery’s Bucket List.

Avery was born with a rare genetic disorder called SMA. Slowly her muscles will give way and paralyze her – including eventually impacting her ability to breath and her heart to pump. (I told you to get tissues! Geeze!). She is 5 months old. She most likely won’t live to see her 1st or 2nd birthday. (Ok, get it together! It gets good. I promise!) SO in the shock of this news, she and her family decided to pack a lifetime of living into the short time she has left. And so she built a bucket list!

A wonderful, full of things I STILL haven’t done – or maybe did but can’t remember because it got lost in the rush of life. I was so impressed. I am sure under the cute entries (written in Avery’s perspective) lies uncertainty and pain. But what a brave way to come to grips with reality! To know, daily and with each activity, that time is precious because her life will end, but to enjoy it! I kinda wish I were like Avery. Rather than hum and haw over my lists or my work or my TO DOs. I should revel in them. In the end we all have a deadline. We don’t get a do-over (unless you are Hindu, but I often think I’d come back as a crockpot soooo might as well enjoy it now!). We need to learn to live through the joy – and the pain. Because both have amazing lessons for us! And legacies for others.

What could you learn to enjoy and revel in on your list?