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Oh my goodness! I am SO freakin’ excited! Clearly for more than one reason. But for so long (half our engagement) I’ve been saying, “After grad school.” As the answer to any and all wedding questions…booooo.

BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!!!! Bring. It. On!

From the moment we got engaged, it’s been like living a double life. On one hand it was like – Woo hoo! YEa! Celebrate! And on the other it was like – pause. Now, the “pause” was needed so that I could finish a goal of mine since high school – to get my Masters – and taught Joe and I very – VERY – valuable lessons. But I am soooooooo looking forward to spending the next 5 months really getting to enjoy being engaged. And even more excited to spend a lifetime with my best friend, Joe. We are getting married!!!!!!

OUR biggest life’s goal via Perfect Bucket List.

So now the big question is, “Where to start?”

Welp, first is to get organized. We secured all our vendors (including hair and make-up!). Then next is to do all our meet and greets. I can’t wait to share it all with you! And to share it with Joe – in person – not via Skype!

Having an Olympic moment over he-ya!