It’s official! We are Michiganders!

The Mitten State via Molly Mattin on Etsy.

It is so good to be blogging again! Thanks for your patience as we settle into a new routine. Truth is. I was more excited about spending time with my Joe :). We are catching up on lost time and enjoying our trips to the grocery store together.

Ten states, seven days, and a bucket load of friends and family later – Joe and I found ourselves in the SAME STATE! Our GRAND trek was quite an adventure – and with Joe’s cold (he NEVER gets sick), I’m glad that was the only casualty. Moving is STRESS CITY! It is not fun to feel like you can’t find what you need or that you should have paid attention in geography class (Yes, I did get us lost in Ohio – oops). We did however learn A LOT – like how 5 hours in a car might be our limit and that we both enjoy anything gummy.

Our trek began in Boston by packing up my little room:

Sadness…my life in two suitcases and some random boxes.

Joe’s super excited face on moving day – in his Bruins gear of course!

This trek was a bit more than just a move for me. It marked a huge change in my life – the fact that I was moving to set up a new home and family life with Joe. I must admit, it really got to me. It was important for me to take a bit of time to process the move – and see some familiar faces along the way. First stop for a little R&R (it is LOOOONG drive from Boston) – Baltimore, MD!

Grammy Seegar on the roof-deck garden.

My Grammy Seegar is such a sweetheart! Her nursing home has a great roof-deck garden. She planted a small planter the other weekend with her children – red, white, and blue flowers for summer! It was so great to see her and spend some time before moving away.

Next stop – Washington, DC! We loaded my stuff into a storage unit (temporary! wait for the next post on our adventure!). And took some valuable time to just sit back. We stopped by Clarendon in Arlington, VA to see some dear friends. It must have been a good time because I forgot to take photos! A huge thanks to all our friends who came out – it meant so much to see familiar faces and have a few good laughs!

After our pit-stop we headed down to my parents home in Richmond, VA. There is something about coming home that is just always so comforting! Granted my parents are in the renovating mode so every time I do – there is something new to see! This time it was the main bathroom – how luxurious! I wish we could have spent some more time there and was glad to see family and friends (excitedly anticipating some new little ones! Congrats Bill and Beth! Can’t wait Champions!). Not to mention get some good rest! At this point Joe and I had spent more time in a car than we had ever wanted. We both couldn’t wait to get some time to do things like sleep and veg.

I also had a chance to work on wedding stuff with my Mom! My first dress fitting really helped to re-focus all the stress of the previous few days. Something about seeing myself in it and knowing THIS was MY dress. The one Joe would see me in on our Wedding Day! All the stress melted. The frustration with moving, the petty freak outs over “Where did I put that! It’s important!” and back seat driving just seemed so far away and insignificant. Joe and I had made it through TWO moves and TWO years long-distance. Now I was standing there looking at something that was a symbol of what we had waited for so long – a lifetime together! I know it won’t always be sparkles and butterflies, but that’s ok because I know we are a team.

We set out for our final leg of the trip via Ohio (for some reason I wanted to see what it looked like – I had never been!). THIS TIME we stopped after about 6 hours of driving – but just after I got us lost and my GPS failed us – UGH!

Joe’s “serious” driving face as we navigated through Charleston, WVA.

What Ohio looks like north of Columbus – in case you wanted to know. What!? I was curious! Though the wide open skies were pretty freeing as we drove along!

And then we arrived! MICHIGAN!!!!!!

I must admit I had an Olympic moment (what we call it when my Mom gets really excited – like when she saw the Olympic torch a few years back – let’s just say it was a lot of yelling, squeals, and attempts to jump on a car.) I was just so thrilled to be there after talking about it for so long! Not to mention I kept seeing Pure Michigan ads in Boston for the past month!

Ann Arbor Does It Different.

We promptly went to his parents house to unpack. Memorial Day we drove out to his brother’s home for a BBQ and croquet game where a perfectly stationed DITCH made a competitive game into a comical experience. Now we are adjusting to a new routine – and seeing each other for dinner at the end of a long day! Yes – we are that sick cute couple that says, “Hi honey. Welcome home!” Joe’s roommate has been kind enough to let us stay in this overly sugary la-la land.

LOTS of things have happened in the past week! I will update you all along the way as I walk down a new set of aisles.

Ohhhh hello there Michigan!

Erin – and Joe!