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I have a confession.

I bought an e-reader.

New Nook, with Kate Spade cover I got on discount ($20!). Clearly a photo taken prior to my move – but cut me some slack haha.

Ugh I KNOW!!!!!!!!! I’ve had it for a MONTH! And it’s be glorious! But please forgive me. I did it so that I could keep reading you! Reality is that I have a LOT of books to begin with – and I’m moving in with someone. It’s gonna be tight to begin with BOTH our things….and I just couldn’t STOP reading. I spent the past two years reading not so much for fun, but out of necessity. I’m excited to read books just because I can!  So I hope you’ll understand. I can still snuggle up with you on a cold, Michigan winter’s night. AND we now have a pool so I can catch up on my magazines in the sunshine!

First up – Real Simple (duh!) and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Locks (long over due!). And maybe a few Brides – and a cheesy chick lit book (the pinker the cover the better!).

See. It’ll be ok. And hey, Joe can play his Angry Birds and Plant v. Zombie games too. He loves it. Books, it’s just a different way of reading you. And don’t worry, the classics will always be found on my bookshelves written on paper.

For the love of a bookworm,


Truth is I got the Nook as a graduation gift and have LOVED it! I’ve found it so relaxing to end my day reading – because I choose to do it, not because someone told me to. Granted, some of the books I’ve purchased have a slight psych/counseling slant to them. But all for fun!