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Yum! Cake tasting!

For a gluten-free bride, I must admit this was the ONE thing that got me a bit worried. I mean – can I get a piece a cake on my wedding day!? The answer is yes – Mmmmm Mmmm Yes!

Joe and I found a baker that fit our list of requirements and FINALLY we were able to meet with them now that I live in Ann Arbor. Jefferson Market and Cakery is a cute little shop on a sleepy tree-lined street surrounded by single family homes. It’s a true hub to the neighborhood – and was featured in the 5 Year Engagement. The store features Michigan made products and really put’s a HOMEtown feel to their confections. Our must have list when finding a baker included:

  1. Gluten Free options
  2. Joe friendly groom’s cake options
  3. NO fondant – we like buttercream much better!
  4. Fit with our desire for a simple, yet über delicious cake that would work with our theme of Home Sweet Home.

It’s official! CHECK this one off the list!

We  – well really Joe – selected three layers to be non-gluten free (all fall, fruity flavors with sweet fillings that made me want to lick the plate!). The layer we will cut is a flowerless chocolate cake that is so decadent that I wanted more than just the cupcake portion. The cake will feature things fitting to our location – Cobblestone Farm – and Michigan. Did you know that Michigan is known for cherries? And that the official flower is the Apple Blossom?

Our inspiration:

Fruitful bounty via Martha Stewart Wedding.

But ours will look a bit different so no worries about spoiling the surprise! We are so excited and can’t wait! However what might excite me more than our wedding cake is – the Groom’s Cake! A tip of the hat to my Southern roots – and a tradition Joe was happy to have (I mean what groom would say NO to having his own, crazy, funny cake!?) No inspiration photo – sorry. It will be a BIG surprise! Hint: It lives in a swamp far, far away ;).

Needless to say, we both left happy and with sugar highs! So relieved to say we can have our cake and eat it too!


Erin and Joe