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To say that the past few weeks have been slow would be a joke. So much has happened – which is why it’s taken me awhile to stay up to date on my posts (and tough since we don’t have internet set up yet). However we can now check JOB and HOME off the list!

Joe and I signed our lease on a place just north-east of Ann Arbor. It’s a commuter town for greater Ann Arbor, but has the community feel of a small southern town (yea!). While I’m not thrilled about commuting to work, it’s nice when the drive consists of farm fields and roadways lined with flowers. Queen’s Anne’s Lace, Scottish Thistle, Lavender, blue Cornflowers, and Black Eyed Susan’s lead me home. The town has one main road (with stoplights!!! it’s not that small) with a central Historic downtown that is about a ten minute walk from our new apartment. A bike trail runs through the town and is often frequented by packs of teens enjoying the summer break. We haven’t gone out to the local watering holes – there are four main restaurants/bars – but we plan on having some fun date nights soon. And for the Fourth the streets were lined with American Flags and hanging baskets – while the surrounding neighborhoods had nightly firework shows (it’s legal to sell and buy the big stuff here).

Somethings did require adjustment. Namely, the tornado sirens – which are SO LOUD! We hear them just fine. The first time I heard it, I literally jumped. Next were the flashing left turn lights – not a green left turn – a flashing red and THEN a green left. I got honked at the first time cuz I was waiting too long on the flashing red. Sorry. And the train tracks nearby with the occasional 3am run is a bit much. But my biggest frustration as been…..soft water. IT. IS. SO. ANNOYING! I’m testing out different soaps to find something that might work. I know it’s better for you in the long run, but I had the feeling of soapy hair and skin after scrubbing your self within an inch of your life. A post totally dedicated to this topic is coming as soon as we have reliable internet….ugh.

But ultimately, I have LOVED sinking into a slower life. I have loved going to work – running around the hospital – and coming home to cook with Joe, have time to catch up with friends, and read – lots of reading! Granted, I’m also learning that when the time comes to have an adventure the area has plenty to offer. We have lakes within a 5 minute drive, a mall within 15, Art museums in Ann Arbor, Frankenmuth – which apparently is Little Bavaria, a farmer’s market every Wednesday, and  I can’t wait to explore it some more!

Now, while Joe and I are thrilled to have our first place, it is not exactly home sweet home just yet. You see, our furniture (aka a bed and chairs to sit on) won’t arrive until the middle of July! So for the most part it’s just having my clothes, some cleaning supplies, and bathroom things that make it “homey” or at least partially lived in. My Mom arrives next week – followed by the moving truck! The task for this weekend is to PAINT! I’ll share how that goes too…..when we get internet…..ugh.

Here’s to settling in, and settling down. FINALLY!