Well, this about sums it up:


Ditto! via Pinterest.

I’m just stunned at HOW much has happened this past month. And how quickly it has flown by! My handy-dandy note pad that keeps me on track for EVERYTHING has a long list of posts such as:

  • wine cork wedding crafts (thanks lushes!)
  • brats, beer, and lederhosen
  • there is a mouse in my …. car?
  • ann arbor art fair fun
  • paper-good perfection – the road to our invitations
  • menu mondays – lunch time!
  • becoming a michigander
  • paint by numbers and why i may become a professional interior painter

and more.

But rather than spend my free time blogging about all this -and more – I’ve been out having an adventure called my life! And it’s been super fun! Joe and I were reflecting the other night on just how much has changed this past month – and what lies ahead. We just unpacked my stuff into our condo (including my Crock Pot!!!!), hosted my Mom for a week of Rutherford family fun, and started the double-digit countdown to our wedding day (98 days people! 98 days!)! But the biggest change – WE HAVE INTERNET!

That’s right. I’ve been in a blackout zone for about two weeks awaiting the cable guy. I wasn’t planning on starting a job so quickly – but am SO GRATEFUL that I did – and couldn’t figure out a time to have them come out to the condo and hook us up. So when my Mom arrived with the moving truck, I jumped at the offer of her help. As much as I’ve loved quiet nights, and time to spend living this adventure, I miss writing. I miss family and friends. And I look forward to getting back into blogging. I know I’ve been saying this. Making time for things I enjoy that help me pause to appreciate all that is happening is so important. Time will fly by. And I don’t want to take any of it for granted.

So go out and have an adventure, but remember to pause every once in a while to reflect.

Life moves fast, learn to take pit stops.