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Ok. Ok. I don’t really mean lushes (we stopped that right after college). JK!!!

BUT, I am glad that they like a glass of wine or two – or in my old roommates case, doesn’t mind cleaning out our neighbor’s recycling bin on Tuesday nights because she knows THEY drink a lot.

You see, I’ve started crafting and DIYing for the wedding! We are t-minus 95 days until the wedding week! Which means – our living room now looks like a craftastrophe (I wish I could take credit for this word but it comes thanks to my intern supervisor last year). You know that moment where you look around and think, “Woah. What have I done.” I’m almost there. Almost. You see. I realized as the items piled up that 1) it would be expensive, and 2) I don’t want to go crazy.

So I’ve picked only a few DIY projects (5 to be exact). The rest, welp, they didn’t make the cut or are being professionally done.

First up, Table Numbers!

I saw these really cute wine cork place card holders and thought, “Oooooooh! How neat with our farm fall theme!”

Pick your place via Style Me Pretty.

Perfect as pie via Ruffled.

And then I thought, “Wait. Id have to saw the bottom off. Or get a slit in the middle…by…hmmm.” Too much. I knew this might turn into one of THOSE projects.

So I then decided to nix that idea. I mean one for each person – with a guest list that just hit the 200 mark – I said noooope. But what about for each TABLE. I mean even if all of them came would only be 20.

From that was born our table number holders that are AH-MAZING if I do say so myself:

It started with corks – lots of them. My bestie Bonnie is a wine expert, so I knew she’d help out – and instead she supplied about 80% of them. Most I’m sure she didn’t drink herself….maybe. The rest was thanks to my roomie Nancy who was brave enough to dumpster dive at our neighbors home.

Supplies: Ribbon / Corks / Tacky Glue (I used Aleene’s Max Tacky)

Next I glued the corks in rows of two. Let them dry over night. Then glue three of the rows together to make a little six-pack! KEY TIP: Don’t glue the FULL length of the cork – you want the paper Table Number to fit in-between them. If you glue it shut …. well it won’t hold the paper.

Now I can’t wait to see Bree, from Double Bee Design’s, table number stylings!

A huge thanks to my friends – and their love of wine. So far I have 14 tables done….now who’s gonna help me get to 17. I’m still looking for 18 corks!

Bottom’s Up!