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So I’m re-claiming Sat. mornings for me time – aka blog time. It was such a crazy week I just couldn’t post before now (thanks for all the great feedback on my wine cork table numbers!)

As the dusts settles from the move to Michigan, I am happy to say, it is starting to feel like home around here! It does help that we now have a bed and a couch.

But none – I MEAN NONE – of that could be made possible without my Mommy. I will totally own up to the fact that no matter how old I get – I will still be my Mommy’s little lamby. Yep. That’s what she calls me – or sweet pea.

From the moment that Joe and I started talking about moving to Michigan over a year ago, my Mom and Dad have been supportive (which I know is hard considering how far I am from home now). So the day after graduation, we made the first step – and loaded up my stuff in  Boston. But the reality was that prior to moving to Boston, I lived in Alexandria, VA – in a two bedroom apartment. CLEARLY I had not brought ALLLLL my stuff to Boston. It had been sitting in a storage locker for two years – waiting. For now!


Due to my start date at work, I couldn’t take a ton of time off – to go get my stuff out of storage! So I am SO grateful for my Mother – and that she survived the adventure vacation of a lifetime to help me out.

My Mom started the journey to get my stuff out of storage in Alexandria. Watched the movers load up the truck, and start the trek west to pioneer country! However, my Mom wasn’t the only one that made the trek in her car…..she had a stowaway. Kid you not! You’ve heard of a mouse in your house, but have you heard of a mouse in your car. Yes. I said CAR! My poor Mom not only helped move my stuff, but brought a mouse with her. The auto shop, the hardware store clerk, and the trash man all got a good laugh when my Mom went to go see them about getting a mouse out – of her car. However, in true Midwest fashion, after a hearty laugh, they all kindly helped her set traps, check for possible entrance spots, and then dispose of the evidence so my poor Mother could focus on enjoying her time here. Crazy right!

She helped to turn this:

*Um how awesome is this! A laundry room!

Into this:

Ok it looks way worse than it actually was…..maybe. I must admit coming home to this was a bit shocking. My Mom and Joe’s Mom, Karen, spent the day over seeing the movers delivering all my stuff (in the process they had a blast and got to know one another a bit more. I mean they will be family soon!)

I have so much STUFF! We started unpacking and sorting – and loaded up two huge bins for the Salvation Army. The truth is, as I unpacked, I found myself acutely aware that Joe would have to live here too – with his stuff. So it was a matter of keeping my favorite things – and allowing Joe to have room for his as well. My Mom was a huge help in this process. Thinking through furniture placement, kitchen supplies, and where Joe might put his Star Wars collection (just WAIT for this post! I promise that I think you CAN have his stuff on display in a very artsy way!) Surprisingly, I found lots of stuff to just donate. And what a liberating feeling! This will be our first home together! Why wouldn’t I be totally stoked to make room for that!

As we get settled in, I’ll post more. And don’t judge if the pictures and curtains don’t get hung until after Nov. It’s a crazy next three months – but I’m just glad to have an oasis for us to enjoy! Thanks Mom! Best. Home-warming gift. EVER!

Welcome Home!

Erin and Joe